We live in an iWorld. If you just take a look around campus, everyone is either on their phone or their laptop typing away with them all somehow interconnected in a parallel universe.

Nowadays, social media and technology has become a prominent part of our everyday lives with using Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, the iPod and the iPhone. Social media provides a mean for information, entertainment and persuasion.

In the past decade alone, social media has been responsible for the introduction of new ideas and inventions, the start of revolutions against tyrant governments, and the increase of human to human interaction.

Social media has become a pathway used to communicate.

It is the way we let others know what’s on our minds, a way to figure out what’s on other people’s minds and ultimately a way to share ideas in an interactive manner.

Facebook and Twitter are effortlessly accessible; whether on your laptop or your smart phone, messages can be sent out within seconds.

And within a couple of more seconds, replies, favorites, or even “retweets” start flooding in.

This creates an interactive dynamic where people can interconnect, link and transfer information between one another.

The ease of use of social media has created a fast track to changing the topics the public discusses in society.

People are now more open to and aware of sharing topics and ideas previously considered “taboo”. Social networking sites and blogs can range from topics such as religion, the environment, technology and even entertainment.

The openness social media has created allows more for the tolerance of ideas and people. Self-expression thus becomes easier and more acceptable.

In recent news, social media has also been the starting point of what has been coined the “Arab Spring”. Youth all over the Middle East are using Twitter, Facebook and even camera phones to make history and allow democracy in their countries.

Twitter has been used, for example, to notify others of protests and rallies.

Those messages then go on to be read by hundreds, maybe thousands of willing citizens.

Social media has undoubtedly played a significant role in the jump start of modern revolutions.

Whether it’s spreading ideas, opening up minds, or starting revolutions, social media has definitely had a positive effect on our society, in terms of communication.

A more connected world enhances opportunities for everyone everywhere.