There is nothing better than a warm, chocolatey gooey brownie. That is, until you add something in the middle.

I try to bake something for the Broadside staff each week during deadline, but I wanted to do something a little more exciting than your basic brownie.

I also had a bag of peppermint patties in my room that I needed to remove from temptation.

It was a perfect combination. I baked the patties right in to the brownies, creating a cool minty bite in the middle of the chocolate confection.

I always like the corner brownies best, so I made my brownies in muffin tins to give each one a bit of crunch on the edges.

The method is simple. Simply put together a brownie mix, either homemade or boxed, as you usually would.

Pour half of the batter into the pan, then drop peppermint patties in.

Fill the rest of the muffin cups or brownie pan with batter.

Bake at recommended temperature and time.

Be careful not to eat the brownies too quickly. The peppermint patty centers may

be much hotter than the exterior brownie.

If you’re not a fan of minty candy, you could subsitute the patties for any number of other sweets.

Leftover Halloween candy like peanut butter cups, Rolos or Snickers would be a perfect option.

One of our staffers, after taking a bite, said, “I feel as though I have transcended something.”

Really, you can’t go wrong with adding more sugar to a brownie.