After the buzzer sounds, the crowd settles back and the teams head to the locker room, the floor is taken over by energetic dance moves.

The Masonettes have been getting the crowd excited the whole game, but halftime is their time to show off all their hard work.

One member that knows all about the time spent to try to perfect routines is Lindsey Iandolo, captain of the Masonettes.

She is now a senior, but her dedication to the team started even before auditions.

“I have been dancing since I was two years old, so being able to continue my dancing career was a major factor in picking a college,” Iandolo said.

When she saw Mason’s program, she decided that it was something she would love being a part of.

She audition was a grueling 7-hour process, but all the work paid off when she found out that she had made the team.

Now began the practices three days a week for the big performances.

“At first it was nerve wracking to perform, but now it is a lot of fun to perform and have everyone see the results of our hard work,” Iandolo said.

On top of all the practices, Iandolo also was in the process of making some new best friends along the way.

With the Masonettes, Iandolo also found a new love for basketball.

“I somewhat understood before, but now I know it all. I find myself watching March Madness when I never would have before,” Iandolo said.

It is not only basketball that the Masonettes support. The team has a lot of school spirit as a team and tries to attend many other sporting events.

“They are more involved and it helps them stay as part of the Mason community,” Iandolo said.

The Masonettes compete at Nationals in January every year. This is one of the hardest things for Iandolo because it prevents her from being able to go home for winter break.

The team also takes part in a lot of community service projects and team bonding sessions outside of practice.

Even with so much going on just within the Masonettes, Iandolo still finds time to be really involved in the Mason community.

She is the Vice President of the Chi Omega chapter, the representative for the Masonettes on the Student Athletic Advising Council all while majoring in integrative studies with a concentration in elementary education.

The Masonettes have made an impact of any basketball fans’ experience, but it has definitely changed the life on Iandolo.

“I really enjoy performing at the games and being a part of the Mason community. My teammates are my best friends and my college experience would have been completely different without Masonettes,”  Iandolo said.