On Nov. 6, Mason became a campus that helped vote Obama into his second term. The night of Jan. 25, Mason celebrated that effort.

The event, titled as the Inaugural Ball 2013, was a high energy dance party decorated in American, Democratic pride. Red, white and blue hats were scattered on the tables, along with free food and a cake featuring the American flag.

An array of balloons hung from the ceiling, waiting to be dropped on the frenzied dance-floor at midnight. The crowd was a pleasant mix of people wearing both casual and formal clothing – among them was an ecstatic pair dressed as a snowman and penguin. All cheered in excitement as the balloons showered them, officially commemorating their political accomplishment. From pounding mainstream dance songs played by DJ Rush Hour to a more alternative live band by the name of “Monster Band,” it was an occasion that catered to several tastes.

The event was a celebration of the re-election of President Obama, but it had another theme tied in. “It’s honestly a partisan-friendly event,” said Robert “Bobby” Hagans, the student Lead Director of the Patriot Activities Counsel that organized the event. “The idea is for everyone to come together regardless of their affiliations and celebrate the fact that we came together as a student body to vote.”

Moving forward into 2013, Mason can now proudly say that they had a successful on-campus voting experience in which they contributed to American politics