Everyone judges. Unless you are affiliated with Mother Teresa or Gandhi, I am sure you have passed judgment sometime in your life. What organization someone is affiliated with causes judgment, what you wear, what you believe, who your friends are. These are all things that people pass judgment on.
I know I am guilty of it just like everyone else but in my opinion everyone is entitled to what they want to say. Everyone has an opinion and whether you personally agree with that opinion, is it really worth the argument?

Of course there are people that love to debate and argue but personally I am not one of those people, especially when it comes to something as petty as what student organization you are involved in or what you choose to wear.

The people who act as though they are the victims of judgment or say they don’t judge are usually the worst judgers of all. When people follow the stereotypes that society has created, that’s when the competition of what is ‘cool and uncool’ or what is important and not important comes into play.
Our university’s student organizations for example are pinned against one another. Who cares what club you are in? The bottom line is you found your niche, you made friends just like everyone else, and you utilized the campus’ outlets in regards to your interests. Kudos to you.
Why judge other organizations instead of just enjoying the one you are or aren’t in? Judging someone according to his or her perspective or opinion on something is time wasted as well.

In my opinion, everyone is on a level playing field and judging is a vicious cycle. There is really no solution to it in my opinion, besides to let people do their own thing and to put your ego away for the day.

By letting people do their own thing I am referring to keeping your nose in your own business and to not jump down someone’s throat if you don’t agree with their opinion. That’s what the word opinion is used for.

By suggesting putting your ego away for the day, I am suggesting to take a step back and look at yourself. Do you really know what you are talking about? Are you any better than the person sitting next to you? To act all high and mighty and act as though you are not guilty of judgment would mean that you aren’t human.
Everyone judges and everyone also hates getting judged. It is ironic in way because no one is right in the situation. Everyone thrives off of his or her personal beliefs and that’s what makes them tick. No one is politically or morally correct.

Notice that my article does fall under the Editorials section and I do choose to use the words ‘in my opinion’ repeatedly throughout the article. Keeping this in mind, my view on judgment is certainly not a universal view, so if you agree with my view that’s great, and if not that’s fine too.