Oh, the good days we live today: the times of oppression and institutionalized racism are most definitely behind us. We Americans pride ourselves on the utmost principles of universal human rights declared by the UN: of all persons born free and equal and having the right to life, liberty and security.

It’s great that we call ourselves a democratic society while financially assisting in the institutionalization of an ongoing apartheid system in Israel – while funneling over 30 billion of your hard-earned U.S. tax dollars in military aid over the span of a decade to an oppressive Israel to ensure that Palestinians civilians are being denied the universal rights valued intrinsic to all humans. They’re being stripped of these rights only to be maimed, shot, brutalized and ethnically cleansed.

Former president of South Africa and veteran of South African apartheid Nelson Mandela has brazenly remarked on the ongoing Israeli apartheid and occupation of Palestinian land. In 1997, at the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, he remarked on its atrocious realities, “That injustice and gross human rights violations were being perpetrated in Palestine. But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians” which we are yet to witness.

In his book “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid”, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s condemnation of Israeli violations: “this perpetuates even worse instances of apartness, or apartheid, than we witnessed even in South Africa.”

This should immediately place us on alert to question our national financial support for Israel: a state that has broken dozens of UN declared international laws as well as no regard whatsoever to the 4th Geneva Convention and is yet to be held internationally accountable. Some of the laws violated include, but are definitely not limited to: Geneva Conventions IV, Article 49– that is “it is illegal to colonize occupied land or transfer non-indigenous population to that land”.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been displaced from their legally owned lands. As well as the illegal dispossession that Israeli citizens commit to this day by occupying land not originally given to them in the UN partition plan, dispossessing even thousands more.

Next up is Israel’s illegal practice of ethnic cleansing as they are consistently “forbidding civilian populations the right to return to their homes following the end of armed conflict” which is in direct violation of international law and UN resolutions, Geneva Convention IV, Articles 45, 46 & 49 and UN resolution 194. Israel has taken Palestinian lands, forced native populations from their land, refusing their residency on what was their land, and denying employment on that land. The Israeli government enacts laws to keep over 6.6 million Palestinian refugees from returning home.

There’s also the illegal Israeli apartheid wall – dubbed the “Berlin Wall” which makes obvious historical parallel considering that The Berlin Wall, which was 96 miles long, and Israel’s reaching 403 miles in length. The average height of the Berlin Wall was 11.8 feet, compared with the height of Israel’s wall — 25 feet.

As well as designated Israeli sniper posts all mounted across the wall. The International Court of Justice of 2004 cites The United Nations Charter and General Assembly resolution 2625, ruling the Israeli separation barriers illegal. And we can’t forget that Israel also holds 1.7 million Palestinian civilians under siege on the Gaza strip over which 50% are children.

But really, why do we feel such a fear of speaking out when our government is financially supporting these atrocities against humanity? Isn’t it our responsibility to ensure that our government stays in check instead of exploiting us and our tax dollars that could have otherwise possibly paid your tuition? Is it because we do not feel that we are allowed to speak out? Or simply because we are ignorant? And if it is due to the latter – that is no simple matter at all. We must salvage ourselves from this ignorance and reach an understanding of this humanitarian crisis in order to intellectualize and prosper as the human race.

But you know what? Don’t even take my word for it. Do your own research. Listen intently to the all narratives and locate the history that has been buried under hundreds of rugs and make your decision. Trust me, when everything tumbles to dust only to settle in our future children’s books, you want to be on the right side of history. It is in our hands to start a revolution.

But, first, you must start a revolution of the mind by becoming knowledgeable. In that way, we can always pride ourselves in speaking the truth. Free! Free! Palestine!




  1. Alta says:

    Palestinian infant mortality rate is now the lowest it’s ever been (about half that of South Africa) and Palestinian life expectancy is longer than in some European countries. Before 1967 there were no universities in the west
    bank. Now there are over twenty advanced educational institutions in the west
    bank and Gaza. Palestinians have the opportunity to be the most educated Arabs in the Middle East. That doesn’t sound like ethnic cleansing to me!

  2. Person2326 says:

    None of that implies that Palestinians are being given free will and freedom. People deserve freedom, plain and simple. It’s like someone trying to justify slavery by saying slaves are better educated and healthier than they would have been in Africa. It simply doesn’t justify it.

  3. Person2326 says:

    Giving people education and health is not justification for denying them freedom.

  4. thepaulrevereshow says:

    What a total crock of shit. Where did you get those “statistics”? Got any links. Any cites? Let me guess: You pulled them out of your fat ass. … Bottom feeding Jew liar.

  5. Francis Miville says:

    These so-called Palestinians are not sons and daughters of the land of Judaea, they are not even Philistines in the ancient sense. They are Muslim Arabs, period. What they dream of is not the independence of a tiny piece of dry land they know perfectly well would turn back to chaparral and scrub weren’t it for the massive influx of jewish venture capital. I am not saying that the Jews are the good guys in that story, they are the rich ones, or at least the rich ones’ security guards, with all the arrogance it implies which can be worse than racism proper. Actually it would be more proper to compare Israel to a Florida gated community than to a south-african style apartheid state. What the Arabs that have been laid off right from the start as losers dream of as a sweet revenge is no form of independence whatsoever. Islam has no place for freedom or independence, not even national independence as a concept, the very word means submission. What they dream of is the return of the Caliphate, or if you wish an Islamic New World Order in replacement for the present one where they feel short-changed. They wish for a pan-arabic integrist state where neither Israel neither Palestine would exist any longer, where there would be no borders from Morocco to Pakistan, where the Jews would be at best dhimmis and they the master group.

  6. Francis Miville says:

    Present-day Capetown, SA, is now known as Rapetown. It is no longer any use discussing the inescapable and evident reality that Blacks have a harder time dealing with their sexual impulses than all other human races, in proportion of the Negroid genes they have in their blood, you cannot remove the exaggerated sex drive in them without removing the more positive aspects of their personality such as their greater propensity for true religious belief. Apartheid was a gross, wholesale, imperfect and unjust remedy used to protect the potential victims of sexual misdemeanour, which is most frequently in all societies Back man on white woman, but better than no remedy at all. For instance, differentiation should have been made between the Zulus, which are the most renowned for sexual ferocity, and the Khoisan, who are more bashful than most Whites of pure Aryan blood, and more prone to be sexually victimized by Black youths too poor to afford a real woman. The problem as regards Palestine is exactly likewise : most complaints about Palestinians arose not because of Intifada or suicide bombers, but because of sexual harassment of Jews and Europeans of both sexes. Even Intifada was actually a sexual harassment campaign arising out of lack of sexual outlets for unemployed Arab youths, most terror attacks had and still have in view the sexual surrender of lust-provoking but sexually avaricious Jewesses. It appears that Islam as we know it is designed to push male sexuality, through a combination of arousals and obstacles, to constant heights at a degree even Blacks don’t achieve that much. Just read the description of Islamic paradise. Probably that Mo had in view that sexual energy had to be aroused in many to enable a few to transmute it into prayer, as in voodoo and Black pentecostalism. There is no place in Islam for sexual abstemiousness through mental activity as in Jewish and Christian ascetic disciplines. Most Blacks experience a mental decline at puberty due to sexual overdrive (not a lack of intelligence in the general sense but of concentration on non-libidinous objects, which leads to a lower measured IQ though not to a lesser understanding of life) but after about 20-25 years of amorous disillusions, a greater number of Blacks than of Whites repent from their former lust and spontaneously opt for the cultivation of intellect and virtue. Unfortunately, such a phenomenon of repentance does not happen with Arab Muslims, even at a late age they identify their whole being with their predatory sex drive, and behave accordingly. Therefore there are many reasons for Israel to isolate Muslim sexual predators through a wall of apartheid of the kind there was in SA when Rapetown was still Capetown.