The time has come for class scheduling. For some, picking classes is as easy as picking your favorite ice cream. For others, such as myself, it takes careful planning and coordinating.

I’m a communications major, and I still have trouble finding the right classes to take. So, I have no idea how students who are undecided find classes. There are so many options, especially after you have completed all the general education classes.

Thank goodness for advisors. Not to brag, but the academic advisors in the Communications department are extremely helpful.

While the advisors do what they can to inform us about the classes that we should take, the decision ultimately rests with the students.

And that’s were things get tricky. Business majors, Physics majors, English majors, and so on, all have to take the same classes.

This can become a problem if a student has a late registration time. Every semester, it feels like every person in my major wants to take all the classes that I want to enroll in.

This is why it’s good to have back up classes or multiple versions of your schedule. I ran into similar problems when I was making my schedule for this semester. Two of the classes I wanted filled up before I could register and then, when I tried to replace those classes, they did not fit into my schedule. Another goal students strive for is having days off during the week.

Amongst my friends, I know having Fridays off is preferable. After not having classes on Fridays my previous three semesters, it does not even feel right going to my Friday class this semester. With scheduling, you have to be flexible.

And don’t dread being waitlisted, especially if your first or second in line. Patience is a virtue.